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Minutes of Annual Meeting November 3rd 2019

Results of the Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held in the Hahn Garden pavilion on Nov. 3. 2019 nearly 40 people attended to hear our speaker, say farewell to our outgoing president, Gerri Young, and to vote for the 2020 slate of officers.

The slate presented was:

President - vacant

Vice President - Charlotte Chan

Treasurer - Jeanette Bowker

Secretary - Pat Bevan

The slate was accepted as presented, however, we are still actively in need of a new president to lead the organization.  Additionally, since the meeting, our secretary, Pat Bevan has stepped down due to personal concerns.

Anyone wishing to know more about these vacant positions should contact Gerri at or Pat at  If you wish to be considered for these positions, please contact our VP, Charlotte Chan at

A note from the outgoing president:

After six years in the lead of this excellent art organization, it is time I moved on.  It has been a pleasure working with the many members, watching the organization grow and strengthen, and making many friends.  BRAA is probably the strongest it has ever been due to the many contributions of its members who have made it a success.  I would like to thank all those who took part in creating the wonderful farewell book presented to me at the annual meeting and those who generously gave $$ for me to spend on my future art endeavors, a totally unexpected gift! While I will no longer be president, I will certainly be just a call or an email away and happy to share my expertise and experience to keep the organization going.  I will be especially happy to speak with and train the next person willing to step into the lead position.  BRAA is required by the non-profit regulations to have a president.  In the meantime, our vice president will be acting in the position.

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