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BRAA tribute to MishMish


September 2019 When Downtown Blacksburg, Inc., held a farewell gathering in honor of Steve and Debbie Miller, owners of the beloved Mish Mish art supply store, several BRAA members were present in appreciation for the 49 years of service to Blacksburg artists and beyond.  Gerri Young read the above tribute to the attendees and presented her acrylic painting below, depicting the front of the store in its last weeks of business.

End of an Era...acrylic, by Gerri Young


See photos of 2017 Holiday Market here

Scenes from the opening of the 2016 Holiday Market

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A look back....


This event was such a success!  Nearly every artist had sales and the grand total came to over $3400, our highest ever!  The following artists took part:

Jennifer Carpenter - Kirk Carter - Carole Davis

Dianne Gillis-Robinson - Susan Hensley

Teri Hoover - Charity Hall - Ava Howard

Sidra Kaluszka - Jennifer Lovejoy

Darcy Meeker - Larry Mitchell - Sally Mook

Betty Moore - David Pearce - Rejane Pratelli

Phil Ramsey - Mary Ratliff - Robi Sallee

Lois Stephens - Donald Sunshine

Joanna Sunshine - Michele Walter - Gerri Young

2019 Artemis Journal...
BRAA is thrilled to say congrats to the following artists selected for the 2019 edition of this prestigious journal. Launch of the journal took place June 7, at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke. Purchase the journal at
Ruth Lefko
Teri Hoover
Martha Olson
Sally Mook
Nancy Norton
Vera Dickerson
Robi Sallee
Gerri Young
Paula Golden

2016 Theme Show

Not all artworks in the actual exhibition are included in this gallery, as determined by the artist. 

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