Unique Maine studio for sale

Our hotel in Boothbay Harbor was a short walk down the road and across a long footbridge. In the middle of the bridge was a charming wooden structure which we passed several times before investigating closely. This small 1902 Bridge House turned out to be part art studio and part residence and it was for sale. It offered a little deck above the water, guaranteed foot traffic and a place to tie up your boat right at your back door. It also offered the chance to be very cold all winter as it was exposed to the elements at every side, top and bottom! We thought it would be a great studio but just weren't sure we were up to that kind of suffering for our art! A local waiter told us the summ

Art on the coast of Maine

Many of you have asked me about the art trip to Maine this month so i will do a few posts to give you a feel for what it was like to be so far east in the northern US. In a word--special! Several BRAA members were along on this trip and we met new artists from Virginia and New York. Being confronted with stunning scenery each day became the norm for us. This photo is of Ocean point on the southwest coast of an area called South Bristol. It was not a far drive from our Hotel Pemaquid, but, it is often tough to get from here to there in this part of the state. Water forms long fingers between parcels of land and very few bridges connect them. Pemaquid Point, where we started, is as far

Hahn gardens full of new whimsy

"Simply Elemental" is simply wonderful! If you haven't seen the 24 art installations in the Hahn Horticultural Garden, you may miss one of the most special art events in Blacksburg. For the first time ever, local artists were invited to install personal works of art throughout the nearly 7 acres of the garden located on campus at VT. The opening day was a huge success with nearly 300 people on the grounds walking around with a sense of wonder on their faces and cameras in hand. From tiny insects, mushrooms and prayers flags, to full-sized doors, "snakes," and oversized metal bovines and skeletons, the artworks are beautifully done and captivating to visitors of all ages and interests. T

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