Charlie Brouwer

BRAA  provided a $100 stipend to Charlie Brower

The Gardener


Materials: Black locust wood, deck screws, preservative stain

This sculpture was started with just the flower and I exhibited it in the Hahn Garden in 2018. After taking it back to my studio, I decided it needed more of a story so I added the gardener leaning against it. Although he planted it – he has no idea how and why it flourished and grew so well. He’s resting for the moment, but plans to use his shovel to start something else soon.

I think he’s a lot like all of us – mystified by life, appreciative of its beauty, and for something to do.

The Gardener was in a public art exhibition in Kingsport, TN last year and he was scheduled to be in Cornelius, NC this year, but they canceled their exhibition due to the coronavirus – so here he is social distancing and helping out at the Hahn Horticulture Garden.

artist-2020-charlie-art (1).jpg

This display is supported by the Blacksburg Regional Art Association.