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You can support BRAA and your local artists in many ways...

Aside from becoming a member, visiting and buying art at one of our many local galleries, we accept donations as a non-profit organization.  You may donate to our general fund or to the Nadine Allen Fund or to our student scholarship programs.  We hope to invest more in our community programs as we grow and develop.



Click here to learn how to use your Kroger Plus card to benefit BRAA


1. Collect your loyalty card at participating locations.

2. Visit at least 5 different participating Downtown Blacksburg merchants and make a minimum purchase of $5.

3. Have each merchant add their stamp to your loyalty card. No more than 2 stamps from the same business please.

4. When your card is full you are eligible to receive your choice of a $5 Gift Certificate from one of the participating businesses!

5. Redeem rewards at the DBI Office, (CAIO, 149 College Ave, next to the Lyric) Email to arrange a time.

We thank the following for allowing us to show our public art exhibitions

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