Keiko Tanabe Workshop

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October 17th to October 21st

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This workshop will be taught by an internationally-known artist, Keiko Tanabe.

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Moose Lodge, 115 Farmview Rd Christiansburg.     

Pictures (C) Keiko Tanabe. Used with permission of the artist

This workshop is designed for those who would like to make a watercolor painting that is strong in composition and full of light and atmosphere. Keiko demonstrates how she interprets and simplifies the scene to capture the essence of the subject that conveys a certain mood.  The process of simplification begins with visualization.  In representational art, this ability to see the end result of a painting, through the mind’s eye, is instrumental in realizing an artist’s vision. Through complete, step-by-step demonstrations, Keiko will explain her methods and techniques to reveal her philosophy behind it.  Subject matters may include landscape, cityscape, waterscape, interior and figures. The introduction focuses on the fundamentals including getting to know our materials and seeing things with an artist’s eye. The areas of topic covered in this workshop include: a preliminary drawing and composition, a variety of watercolor techniques in paint application and brush handling, what makes a good design, understanding of relationship of dark and light values, planning vs. intuition, and how to edit complex visual information.  There will be a demonstration, plenty of one-on-one guidance and a question-and-answer session on a daily basis.  A class critique may be conducted at the end.


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"If you're a watercolor artist looking for ways to spend longer hours at home, may I suggest:


  1. My YouTube channel: Short videos are  a good introduction to my workshop.  

  2. On my blog, I share painting tips from time to time. Check How I Paint.

  3. My DVD's: I have 4 DVDs available.

  4. My website

Pictures (C) Keiko Tanabe. Used with permission of the artist

Covid 19 Information

Max of 20 students, one per table. Masks required, gloves if you handle anything belonging to other artists. This 5,500 square-foot room provides plenty of space for social distancing.

Special accommodations – This facility is one level, easy access. Parking is plentiful. Lunch is on your own, brown bag or several restaurants available nearby.

CANCELLATION POLICY:   Deposit required to register ($235 members). Full amount due by September 17th. No refunds after Sept. 17th unless we can fill spot on waiting list.  $50 administration fee for changes/cancellations.

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