• You must exhibit a professional product in good, CLEAN condition, using the proper BRAA art tag available here  Your art represents not only you, but BRAA as well.

  • You are responsible for insuring your own art work. BRAA bears no responsibility for any damage or theft of the artwork.

  • A biography form, including a photo of you, must be displayed in the acrylic frame provided in each BRAA gallery.  Each gallery is outfitted with an acrylic frame for this purpose. Each frame now includes a permanent BRAA banner across the bottom.  Artist statements may be in whatever format you wish to include narrative and photo of yourself.  Just make sure the information ends about 2 inches above the bottom of your page to accommodate the BRAA banner.

  • You must coordinate the change out schedule with incoming/outgoing artist as appropriate and the gallery coordinator as listed on the contact sheet.

  • You must prepare two copies of your art inventory sheet and have both of them signed by the gallery representative of the business your show is in. One copy stays with that representative and one goes home with you. Your inventory sheet must include, as a minimum, your name, phone, email, title of work, medium and sale price/NFS. You may use whatever method you choose: Excel, Word, clearly handwritten, etc.

  • You must contact your gallery coordinator regarding routine difficulties/disputes. You and/or your gallery coordinator must contact for a replacement artist in the event you are not able to take your assigned time slot. As much advance notice as possible is appreciated.

  • Changes to the gallery schedule due to personal situations should be reported to S/he will assist you in finding a suitable replacement. Every effort is made to keep a current schedule on this site, but if you find something wrong with it, please contact the gallery committee chair.

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Due to Covid-19 restrictions the BRAA store and art gallery are closed until  further notice 

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BRAA is a 501 (c) 3 organization

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