Mushrooms and Fairies

April-June 2021

Call for Artists!

You are invited to share in the fun. The end of March 2021, Beth’s Garden at the Montgomery Museum of Art and History will welcome a garden full of Mushrooms with a flight of Fairies to entrance visiting children of all ages.

Mushrooms and fairies may made of cement, fiber, gourds, wood, metal, plastic, or any material that will last for a minimum of three months outdoors. The additions to the garden can be cast, carved, painted, mosaic, 3-D printed, sewn, glass, or any other way you express yourself creatively

At the end of the show you may have your art work back, but we would really appreciate you donating it to the Museum for a fundraiser auction.

If you would like to be a contributing artist to this fun community event, please contact Diane Relf at  


Installation is expected to be the last week of March.

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