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from Charlotte Chan, BRAA President

Periodically, Charlotte would like to give you an update on the progress and happenings of our awesome organization.  Thank you Charlotte for all the time you dedicate to making BRAA run!

Greetings BRAA Members! - March 1, 2023

We had our first show and tell of the year at our February luncheon at Bull and Bones at First and Main, Blacksburg, with more than 20 members in attendance. It was nice to see what other artists are doing these days.


Our next luncheon meeting will be on March 10 at Bull and Bones at11:30 a.m. Our speaker will be Andrew Williams, a local muralist. Come join us if you have time.


On Feb. 25, BRAA held its first play date of the year at Glade Church in Blacksburg. Michele Walter, our VP, led the group in “Painting with Drippy Flowers”. It was such a fun event, and I believe everyone enjoyed the time together immensely. A big “THANK YOU” to Michele for spending time with the group.

There is another play date being planned at the moment. Betty Moore, our Outreach Chair and a retired art teacher, will teach us how to paint with Masa paper. Tentatively, this play date will be held in April, but need to consult with the Glade Church personnel to see if the date we want is available. More details will be coming soon. BRAA will provide theMasa paper, and Betty will prepare the supply list when the date is confirmed. Please watch for updates.

Jolene Crafton, our Meeting Planner, will lead a suncatcher art project at one of the local nursing homes in April. This is a project made available to us through AARP. You will be informed when more details are available. Thank you, Jolene!


The BRAA Theme Show will be on again this year! The theme will be “Colorof the Season.” The show will be held at Glade Church, July 15 to October 15. Please pick up your brushes or your camera, and be ready for this great show! More information will come later. We hope for about 40 pieces in the show. We may have to limit the size of the accepted artwork, so we will provide more details later, but wanted to give everyone a ‘heads-up’ on the information.

I want to thank our volunteers, Andrea Brunais and Krista Westman, for judging the Montgomery County Museum Student Exhibit. I was told the exhibit was awesome and I want to invite our members to check it out, from March 1st to sometime in April.

In more news about our members - Teri Hoover and Susan Lockwood are having a joint show at “Miller off Main Street Gallery” The reception will be held on March 31st from 5-7 P.M. and the show is already for enjoyment right now.

Don't forget to check out the list of artists that are showing in our local galleries this month in our gallery schedule here.

Take care and see you all Friday, March 10, at our luncheon at the Bull and Bones restaurant at 11:30 A.M. Michele will be leading this luncheon meeting and I will miss you all!

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