Public Art

The Public Art Committee coordinates opportunities to engage artists in public art shows and art projects in the region. 


Linda Correll is the chair of the Public Art Committee. You can reach her at

The Public Arts Committee of the BRAA provides encouragement, coordination, support, promotion and engagement for artists and public art endeavors in the region.  The committee reviews requests for assistance for public art projects, and works with public entities to provide guidance, support and conversations to implement their public art ideas.

Members may suggest public arts ideas to the Public Art Committee and the committee will review concept, resources, and feasibility. All Public Arts projects must have a project coordinator or lead to ensure the project is completed.


If you have a public art idea or concept, contact to start the conversation. The basic concept will be presented to the board for discussion on how BRAA can best assist in the project.  Once the project is identified as a possible BRAA supported project, fill out the BRAA Public Art Proposal form (link here) to provide full details for the project prior to approval for BRAA sponsorship. Or, you may start the conversation by completing the form to provide a sound background for discussion purposes.


Ways BRAA can provide support:

  • Connections with artists to work with or lead projects

  • Promotion of the project

  • Funding assistance

  • Volunteers

  • Materials collection through email communications with members

We thank the following for allowing us to show our public art exhibitions

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