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Hahn gardens full of new whimsy

"Simply Elemental" is simply wonderful! If you haven't seen the 24 art installations in the Hahn Horticultural Garden, you may miss one of the most special art events in Blacksburg. For the first time ever, local artists were invited to install personal works of art throughout the nearly 7 acres of the garden located on campus at VT. The opening day was a huge success with nearly 300 people on the grounds walking around with a sense of wonder on their faces and cameras in hand. From tiny insects, mushrooms and prayers flags, to full-sized doors, "snakes," and oversized metal bovines and skeletons, the artworks are beautifully done and captivating to visitors of all ages and interests. The art will (sadly) leave the gardens on Sept 30, so do something nice for yourself. Take camera in hand, kids of all ages and check out this delightful event. (Go after 5 and you don't need a parking permit! Lobster pot created by Jeanette Bowker and Sarah Fortier.)

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