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Art on the coast of Maine

Many of you have asked me about the art trip to Maine this month so i will do a few posts to give you a feel for what it was like to be so far east in the northern US. In a word--special! Several BRAA members were along on this trip and we met new artists from Virginia and New York. Being confronted with stunning scenery each day became the norm for us. This photo is of Ocean point on the southwest coast of an area called South Bristol. It was not a far drive from our Hotel Pemaquid, but, it is often tough to get from here to there in this part of the state. Water forms long fingers between parcels of land and very few bridges connect them. Pemaquid Point, where we started, is as far south as you can go on one point of land and rock so we drove due north, made a left turn and headed due south until we came to Ocean Point.

It was late afternoon and the tide was out; exposing lush, mossy, brilliantly green seaweed to the elements. The beach was strewn with rocks from pebble to giant slabs of stone belched up from the earth eons ago and worn smooth by time and tide. The sky was a stunning blue. A few sail boats moved across the water or hung on to their moorings. Beautiful white houses topped the hills around the cove. A tall flagpole on the point sported Old Glory. Our group spent a good amount of time walking, taking photos, or hunting for sea glass rubbed smooth by time and tide. One by one the members of our workshop abandoned the beach in search of dinner. Our personal group--Ruth, Danie, Marvi and Judy were as entranced by the place as I was and we were determined to watch the sun set in this magnificent place. We strolled the beach while keeping an eye on the sky, stopping frequently to take photos hoping for a masterpiece. Suddenly, it dawned on us we had not taken a photo of ourselves together. Marvi, master of her cellphone, set about to establish a firm, dry spot to place her phone and set the timer so we could all be captured in the moment. As she struggled with that, we struggled with placing our buns on big rocks in close proximity to the camera and great hilarity ensued through the whole process. Finally, all was set and this special moment in time was captured--five friends making art the techno way in our almost private piece of heavenly Maine.

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