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Unique Maine studio for sale

Our hotel in Boothbay Harbor was a short walk down the road and across a long footbridge. In the middle of the bridge was a charming wooden structure which we passed several times before investigating closely. This small 1902 Bridge House turned out to be part art studio and part residence and it was for sale. It offered a little deck above the water, guaranteed foot traffic and a place to tie up your boat right at your back door. It also offered the chance to be very cold all winter as it was exposed to the elements at every side, top and bottom! We thought it would be a great studio but just weren't sure we were up to that kind of suffering for our art! A local waiter told us the summer population of Boothbay Harbor was 45,000 and the winter was 5,000. Maybe the owner of this bridge house was one of the 5,000 one winter too many.

To get to all the happening places in Boothbay Harbor from our hotel with the very nautical sounding name of Cap'n Fish, we walked this bridge. It gave us a wonderful view of the water and the many colorful boats moving about or swaying from their moorings. As a Navy kid, I spent a great deal of time living near water and boats (and big Navy ships), so this chance to be so near the water and in New England where I lived for several years was a great pleasure for me.

Boothbay Harbor is a tourist magnet. Once across the bridge, restaurants, shops and galleries lined all the streets. We did some serious shopping here! Tour boats leave from several docks affording you the option to learn all about lobstering or puffins or exploring Monhegan Island, the last of which required a two-hour trip there and back. Our time at sea and which boat we boarded will have to wait until the next blog.

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