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Indoor plein air -- a great time was had by all!

Our goal for our indoor plein air day was just to have a way for us to paint together and have a unique point of view over the town of Christiansburg. We had no idea what a fun time it would be thanks to the efforts of Ruth Lefko, Judy Crowgey, Jean Gallloway and the owner of Mockingbird Cafe who surprised us with a pot of free coffee! We couldn't have had better light to paint by if we tried. The big windows on two sides of the space overlooked the main intersection of the old downtown and gave us views of the renovated courthouse, banks, post office, the historic building on Franklin Street and a surprise view of a row of funky old houses which, from this point of view, appeared to be floating above the Wells Fargo bank. I am sure I had never seen those houses before! Jean gave us a tour of two other portions of the old building which her brother owns. We all immediately envisioned art studio space, workshop space, funky photo ops and even the old hotel portion of the building in which we did not have benefit of lights! I was so inspired by the building that I had a hard time settling down to paint! This old chair was photographed in the attic of the building and bathed with the wonderful light from the windows.

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