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Jesi Pace-Berkeley Workshop

This four-day workshop was such a big success! Thirteen artists from as far away as Smith Mountain Lake gathered at the Hahn Horticulture Garden Pavilion Feb 19-22 to learn all we could from well-known Blacksburg artist Jesi Pace-Berkeley. The level of her artistic skills were well matched by the level of her teaching abilities. We were challenged every day with the making of new color wheels, forming of eyes and lips from clay, learning how to critique each other and ourselves and how to get an accurate drawing for our portraits through the use of grids. Jesi's large and striking portraits surrounded and inspired us. The fruit of our labors are proudly displayed in this wonderful group photo done by Matt Gentry, BRAA member and Roanoke Times photographer. Thanks also, Matt, for getting us such good coverage in the newspaper. Thanks also to Jesi for the whole workshop experience, Charlotte Chan for coordinating the event and to Riley Chan for taking photos and videos.

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