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Springmaid Watermedia Workshops Wonderful

Nancy Norton and I spent the week of March 5-11 in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the semi-annual watermedia workshops held at the Springmaid Resort at the south end of the beach. What a lovely location! We slept, ate and painted right next to the ocean in the recently renovated (and still ongoing) hotel now belonging to Hilton. This was my second time of attending a workshop here and I totally understand why some artists get addicted to it and show up every time. Some even sign up for multiple weeks in a row. For years I was asked "are you going to Springmaid?" That was all that needed to be said; those in the know knew what the word Springmaid meant. My curiosity got the best of me and I finally signed up last November for a week with Ted Nuttall (amazing) and again this March for Donna Zagotta, intense and educational. We had students in Donna's class from as far as Vermont and Florida. This is not just one week out of town for one workshop. There are a bunch of workshops and presentations going on at the same time and you choose one workshop instructor when you register. Once you get there and park your car, you never have to move it until departure day. Everything takes place on the grounds of the hotel with only short walks from your bedroom to the classrooms to the dining hall. In between that you meet all sorts of incredible artists, potentially learn from everyone you talk to, not just your instructor, and see some amazing artwork. It is such fun and walking on the gorgeous beach every chance you get is not a bad thing to do in March! Shopping in the area ain't bad either with a giant outlet mall, the Barefoot Landing shopping area over the water and an SAS shoe store not far away. The art museum right across the street from the hotel is incredible and they give the artists free entry one evening. Check it all out. Next session will be in November.

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