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The Kanuga Art Experience

Kanuga Watermedia Workshops in Hendersonville, NC, are often talked about with reverence; for good reason. I spent a week there in April and am already signed up to go back again next year. My art friend, Danie Janov, asked me to come with her this year. She has missed only one year in 20 so I figured she was pretty much an expert on the experience. It didn't take long for me to understand why she was such a fan of the place. First of all, from the moment you arrive you realize how beautiful it is. There are 1400 acres of nature surrounding you. Enormous trees, a lake, a pond, trails and paths create an outdoor paradise just minutes from the town. Over three dozen quaint, rustic cabins and a few houses are scattered throughout the acres closest to the lake and a few higher up and more remote. In the center is a beautiful stone and wood conference center with hotel, dining hall, chapel, gift shop, library and a gorgeous stone porch lined with rocking chairs overlooking the lake.

Our workshops were scattered throughout the area all within easy walking distance. You never have to move your car for any event. Three delicious meals a day served in the beautiful dining hall gave us an excuse to enjoy the out of doors and meet more of the several hundred students sharing this experience. Our rustic cabin was just a few feet from my workshop space.

The workshop teachers, our main reason for being here, were incredible. Suddenly the names I had read in Watercolor Magazine were all around me. Twelve different workshops were offered for signup ahead of time. I had chosen Ken Goldman for a week of figure drawing and composition. I can easily say I have never worked so hard in a workshop or learned so much about working with figures and Ken was just amazing to learn from. I could go on and on. It was a great experience. Check out and for more information. That's Ken in the photo next to our wonderful model for the week.

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