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Annual Theme Show

Each year our members are encouraged to submit one or two of their recent artworks for presentation in our Annual Theme Show.  A different theme and venue is selected each year to showcase our members' work.  The theme for our 2023 show is “Color of the Season" and is on display now from July 15 through October 15 at Glade Church in Blacksburg.  This show includes over 40 pieces of our members recent artworks.  Please stop by and see this show if you haven't already!


Our members who attended the opening reception voted for their favorite piece in the show and the First Prize winner was Sally Mook for "Chanticleer".  

We had a 3-way tie for Second Prize between Bob Rotche for "Feels Like Fall",

Robi Sallee for "Carvin's Creek", and Carol Joseflak for "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day".  Also Glade Church gave a prize for their choice among the pieces exhibited and which went to Andrea Brunais for "Turning Point".  Congratulations to these artists and all who participated.

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