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5/5/2013  Gerri

I made bunches of changes today...took out old, put in new, including a new tab on the biennial that can come down at some point after it is all over.

4/11/2013 Gerri

I took out the older version of the com gallery schedule and replaced with one corrected today.  The old one was missing details for VTLS and Zeppoli's galleries.

3/4/13 Gerri

I love the scrolling stuff.  Can you put a reminder about the luncheon this Friday on the opening page somehow?  I looked at how to get money!  Sure would be cool to have that info at some point.  I'm going to try to make a "movie" of all the mural pics.  Maybe we can embed it in the events page when it's done.  I started promoting the site on FB and Twitter.  I'll keep mentioning it every couple of weeks.  Can you do the SEO stuff?

3/3/13 Tom

I finally found the promotion button.  It pops up after the publish confirm notice, but only if you click on the OK button - which I don't usually do because it's quicker to click on the X to close the two confirm buttons.  At any rate, promotion sounds like a good idea.

2/26/13  Gerri

I added photo of the mural painting project and information on the BRAA exhibit scheduled for JAX in October.  I think we ought to start promoting the page.  What do you think, Tom?

2/16/1013 Gerri

I put Danie on Events page but I think she is too small.  Moved the outside blocks of type inside the page. 

2/16/2013 Tom

I added the images for Carole McNamee.  Not sure what to do with Danie Janov's image yet - maybe a link or a spot on the Events page?  I also added a link to the Working Notes page - makes it easier to refer to.

2/13/2013 Tom

What about a different background (easy to reset)?    Have a look from the Quick Links page.  


On another note - I noticed that the Macs seem to have the browser zoom at 75% rather than 100%.  It allows more room for text on the sides but only if you are working with a small zoom setting.

2/12/2013 Tom

I added the link to the Feb. newsletter.  I don't think it's the Mac that's the problem - it's the browser - do you have the latest version of the Mac operating system or of Safari?  I added Foxfire to Missy's pc but I like Chrome better as a backup browser.

2/12/2013 Gerri

Out of frustration I am working on Bill's computer. Equally as frustrating!  Tom, could you look at the Artists page and link the Read about Carole to the Feb newsletter?  Thanks.  I decided that the artists should run side by side and I took off the monthfrom the headline over each of them so it doesn't matter what side of the page they are on and so the page doesn't run extra long.  I've pretty much decided to load Foxfire like Den has in hopes of being able to go back to my Mac for working on this page.  I love my Mac, I love my Mac....

2/5/2013 Gerri

I worked on the membership page where Tom added all the documents.  Most of the documents need updating so I printed them out to take to the wix workshop so maybe Nancy and I could go over them at lunch and make corrections.  I also put a reminder for dues on FB page. I went into Artists tab and added the January featured artist to the page.  The button that is on there, at the moment, leads to my actual document/manscript of Jordi story, but I don't like that.  I think it should lead to the Jan newsletter instead.

I also updated the events page  so things would look real good for the workshop this weekend.  Obviously this new page will require at least Tom and I to keep it up to date, but most pages don't have to be touched often.  There are still pages I'm not totally happy with, but it is certainly coming along.  I plan to give the link to the page to the workshop students so they can look at it before hand.  I sent a draft of my workshop message  to Nancy but haven't gotten her comments back yet. I need to send it out NLT Wednesday, I think.

2/3/2013 Tom

I added button links to the Artist Approval Process and the Exhibiting Artist Information page.  I also updated the approval process document by adding the new logo and the new email address. 

1/30/2013 Tom

I made a Membership Details page (linked to the BRAA Membership button) with links to a variety of member sortings that may or may not be of much interest.  I think it provides answers to most questions about who is who and who is doing what.  I think I need to add some sort of introduction but the links are there.


1/26/2013 Tom

I made up an application form with Google Docs that can be edited online.  Results are saved to a spreadsheet form.  A button to the embedded form is on the membership page (the button is linked to a test application page. The form needs to be in a better format but this may work for online applications.  I made the form on my Google account but we can make up one of our own and the results will be on our Google drive page.

1/25/2013 Tom

I have uploaded and linked minutes and a copy of the by-laws on the About/Minutes page. I also capitalized the menu options for consistency (either way works) and added a button for the Membership Brochure/Application.  I used the old version - the only copy I have of the new one is huge (42 mb).  I made a smaller copy but the text isn't right.

1/21/2013 Gerri

I made changes under galleries...added a sub tab for exhibitor info.  Also made changes on events page...messed with text colors, clip art and dividing lines.  There are enough fun things to make the pages fairly dynamic...I keep discovering new 3D lines I used on the events page.  Cool.

1/19/13 Gerri

I took a pdf of the latest newsletter, turned it into jpg and loaded it on the newsletter page to have a little color on there.  I made a bunch of additions to the galleries page.  Added hot buttons for the art tags, artist statement form, gallery schedule and the member/medium listing.  The member medium listing is NOT hot.  Can you link that one, Tom?  I haven't gone into the How to Become an Exhibiting Artist part yet to see if that is a document on the old site.  The three that I did do, I have on my computer.  Buttons work pretty cool after you figure it out.

1/18/13 Tom

   I found a new toy - we can upload and link pdf files and then delete the uploaded file and the pdf  remains embedded in the linked location.  Same with jpgs.  I did this with the December and January newsletters - the older ones are still linked to the pdf on the BRAA website.  The embedded files display in a much smoother way than the others.  

   I have been publishing as I go along which makes it easier to check without having to log on to Wix.

​1/16/13  Tom

   An option to trying things out is to create a duplicate of a page and if something works it can be either renamed to replace the original or the the changes can be made to the original.  I made a working copy of the home page and kept it off the menu.  This can also serve as a backup copy.  Which reminds me - I checked and Wix currently does not have a way to backup their sites.

1/16/13  Tom

   I saw Teri's Facebook note and checked in this morning.  One of the Home page slideshows (left) had no images so I added some and it seems to be working.  I didn't know which ones were in the original so there are some differences.

   After you click save you should get a message to click 'ok' to confirm the save.  With the publish option there are two confirmation messages to be clicked. 

   We are working long distance here and sometimes things get a little sidewise with the web traffic and Wix quirkiness.  I have found that it pays to save often and, if things go wrong persistently, to exit the editor and reload.  On occasion I have logged out, closed the browser, restarted and refreshed.  Wix is still in html 5 beta stage and is a continuing work in progress.

1/13/13  Tom

   I think this will work better if new stuff is added at the top.  That way we can just use one text box and the older things will be moved down. 

   I wrote about SEQ but it is SEO and it stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Each page can have key words that will make the site easier for search engines to find.  If we don't put anything in there, we can publish as often as we want without showing up in any searches.  Unless you have the link, you will have a hard time finding the site.  We can check in on the site without having to log in to see what is happening and how it looks.  It's like publishing a book and keeping all the copies in your basement.  We can leave the Working notes on the menu for easy checking.  The link is ​

1/12/13  Gerri

   Love this idea, Tom..  Having notes right inside the page is a time saver, especially if it is tips on how to do something in here.  I also think publish w/o view is a great idea and the names of orgs w/o the site address is super.  Look much nicer for sure. I don't know how to do this, but I'll try to figure it out. Hmmm...maybe I know already.  I wondered what the SEO thing was. With a limited publish, we could share with Robi/Nancy/Danie once every couple of weeks for sanity checks.

1/11/13  Tom

   Hi all - I did some tuning on the Partnerships, Monthly Newsletter, & Quick Links pages.  Mostly adding links and checking to see if they work.  We can link the websites to the name of the organization and not include site address which might tidy it up some.  I also clicked 'show on all pages' for the header. 

   We can save and publish in order to see how things look by checking out the site using the Wix address  The published page won't show up in searches until we fill in the SEO info for the page so you can't go there unless you have the link.

We can also add pages and check the 'hide from menu' setting.

Hey all - I played a bit with the events page-just to see if I could remember my Wixiness... Hope everyone is doing well! Teri

1/15 - Hey...where did the slide show on the left side of home page go???  Clip art you put on events page is excellent.  Good get!....Gerri