Upcoming Workshops, Playdates and Calls for Art


Stained glass with Nikki Pynn - December 8th. Limited to 6 people. Noon to 3pm.

Class located at the Floyd art center  

Participants will learn how to cut glass and complete about a 5-6 inch “leaf”. Create a small garden leaf mosaic using glass and thin-set mortar on shaped backerboard

Price per person is $25. 


Potential date: April 2,3 9:30 - 4:00,

with 30 minute lunch break

Christiansburg Moose Lodge(tentatively) $110 per person.



Years ago Vera saw an exhibit of Matisse paintings at the National Gallery where one room was hung with “ normal” paintings on one wall and those with a complementary underpainting color on the other wall. The power of color play in those with an underpainting were amazing. In this two day workshop we will use the warmth of an underpainting of a transparent red, and then build over that as we paint. Naphthol Red Light will be the under paint needed here. Although we will leave only small edges of this color visible, it creates a unity and warmth across the entire painting. You may use any subject matter you like. It’s the color relations   we will explore be exploring.

Calls for Art: