Exhibiting Artist Approval Process

Would you like to become a BRAA Exhibiting Artist?
It would be great to have you!!​

BRAA has agreements with 13 local businesses and organizations allowing member artists to publicly display and offer their work for sale. These venues, known as community galleries, promote artistic development and appreciation in BRAA and the community, while generating interest in and support for visual arts.  


These community galleries pay BRAA a fee for the scheduling and hanging of exhibitions.  This is a contracted business arrangement, which requires BRAA to present the most professionally presented artwork possible.  Further guidelines regarding presentation will be provided to all approved BRAA exhibiting artists.

Please Note: You are responsible for insuring your own art work. BRAA bears no responsibility for any damage or theft of the artwork.


All BRAA member artists have the opportunity to exhibit in these galleries or any BRAA booth/tent at any art show or fair, but must first be formally approved.  There are a few shows open to all members, such as the annual theme show in July.


Approved artists pay NO GALLERY FEE OR SALES COMMISSIONS on artwork sold in community gallery exhibits/booths/tents.  (We’d love a donation to BRAA after a sale, but that’s your choice.)


The approval process is EASY, FREE and outlined below.  Help is available to enhance the professional appearance of your work.  BRAA can provide tips on framing and writing biographies and artist statements.

Approval Process – These requirements apply to all artwork submitted
  • All submitted pieces must have been completed within two years of application. They must be original (not prints, except for photography). They must comply with copyright laws. See here for details of copyright compliance

  • Five photos of different 2D works of art are required for all submission options

  • All photos of 2D art submitted must include the artwork and frame only, no surrounding background.  Our preference is photos of the art unframed and cropped, but submissions including frame will be accepted

  • 3D artworks must be documented in at least two images each (front/side), but preferably three images (front/side/back). This can increase your submission to 15 photos if all your works are 3D

  • Digital file requirements: High quality image format files. Up to 1MB in size

  • A short bio and artist statement

  • File name:  each file should have an identifying name as follows:  

        your name-art title-size-medium-year completed.jpg.  For example, AnnSmith The Rose 10x12 acrylic 2020

Committee Actions:


The gallery committee will review your submission in a timely manner and inform the BRAA president of its decision along with justification for that decision.  In the event of a split decision by the committee, the president will cast the deciding vote.  Criteria may include, but not be limited to:  skill of composition, design, technique, presentation, originality and appropriateness for the BRAA galleries.


The final decision will be conveyed to the applying artist by the president via email.


If approved, you will be added to the BRAA Exhibiting Artists list and you may request a show at a BRAA-sponsored community gallery.

If you prefer, you may send your name , phone number, artist statement and a  short bio to CommunityGalleries@blacksburgart.org, attaching 5 or more images of your work as described above. 

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Due to Covid-19 restrictions the BRAA store and art gallery are closed until  further notice 

For marketing info, contact marketing@blacksburgart.org

BRAA is a 501 (c) 3 organization

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