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How to hang a juried show

Seeing a new art exhibition is so easy to do. Find the place, go in, look at all the art, munch on cheese and crackers, wash it down with wine, talk to all your friends, raise your eyebrows over what you don't like and make OMG noises about the ones you just love. "OMG, how did they DO that??" Piece of cake, right? Not so fast. Back up a few months.

Decide the dates

Pick the gallery (if you are lucky, you run one)

Find the juror (someone will always find fault with the one you pick)

Find award donors (feels a bit like selling Girl Scout cookies)

Write the call for entry (egad, I hope we got it all right)

Market the exhibition (someone will always gripe about having to apply online)

Market the exhibition

Market the exhibition (yes, I meant to do that three times)

Hold the juror process (doing that online, too, these days)

Notify the lucky artists chosen (by the juror)

Take delivery of the many pieces of art (what? no wire? no frame? Glass is dirty? OMG)

Hang all 49 pieces (wish I was taller)

Arrange for reception refreshments and alcohol license (hope lots of people come)

Be the MC for the event (ignore the "how did that one get in this show" remarks)

Be happy for the award-winning artists who are so thrilled to have been recognized (I've been there)

Be sad for the deserving folks who so badly wanted to win (I've been there)

Be glad the reception was well attended and is now over

Be happy when the last day comes and the artwork goes home

Time for the next show.

Be happy it is for only one artist with no jury!

Congrats to Judy Ison, director of the Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley in Pulaski for pulling off the New River Art 2015 Biennial this month. In 2017, the honor will go to the Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd. Maybe they will use this blog as a how-to guide!

(Come to Pulaski on Oct. 29, 5:30-8 p.m. for the reception and award ceremony at 21 West Main Street.)

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