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2019 New Year's greeting and wishes

The following appeared first on the BRAA Facebook page.

My last post of 2018. As president of BRAA since Sept 2013, I would like to thank you all for your support and enthusiasm over the years in our quest to remake BRAA. It has become a thriving and respected organization full of many talented, gifted and inspired artists. I have learned so very much from the experience and the individuals that make up this group. I will step down from the position in mid 2019 (following the New River Art Juried Biennial) with a proud heart and the hope for the next president to take BRAA to yet another level. May the New Year bring you joy, health and many wonderful works of art.

May the new year also bring someone willing to take over the job of president for the organization. I am very willing to start training the new leader at any moment!


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